Gully Emptying

Stubwood UK provides reliable gully drain emptying services across Uttoxeter, Stoke-on-Trent, Burton-on-Trent and beyond.

Designed to retain debris and control road surface water, it’s important that gullies are regularly cleaned and maintained so that they can cope with excess water more efficiently, particularly during periods of increased rainfall.

That’s why our drainage experts work tirelessly to ensure your gullies are clean and free from debris. We’re able to quickly attend your site, with a robust and reliable gully sucker to undertake any maintenance it may need, ensuring it can work efficiently once again.

Here at Stubwood UK, we pride ourselves on the safe and responsible disposal of the waste we collect, ensuring we correctly meet legislation every time. If your gullies are clogged with debris, or they simply require a deep clean, gully maintenance can help ensure the lifespan of your gully and prevent flooding.

Need Help with Gully Emptying?

If you are a large company or need regular gully emptying services, Stubwood can help. Contact us today!