Tankered Waste Disposal in Coventry

When it comes to handling tankered waste in Coventry, Stubwood’s expertise is second to none. Serving both domestic and commercial customers, we provide a rapid response to your waste disposal needs. Our fleet of Fast-Trac tankers range from 1,000 to 6,000 gallons, meaning we are equipped to tackle waste disposal projects of any size.

Our commitment to the environment is also important to us. We endeavour to recycle up to 90% of the waste we collect. When you choose Stubwood, you are opting for a waste management solution that is conscious of its environmental impact.

Septic Tanks

Beyond tankered waste disposal, Stubwood extends its services to include full-service septic tank solutions. We cater to all kinds of requirements, be it commercial, industrial or residential in Coventry. Our services include everything from the installation of new septic tanks to regular maintenance.

We offer a range of septic tanks to meet various needs, ensuring that our clients get tailored solutions for their specific circumstances. Our commitment to service extends to emergencies as well, with our dedicated emergency spillage unit ready to step in when required.

Trust Stubwood, Coventry’s trusted drainage contractors, for all your tankered waste disposal and septic tank requirements. Contact us today for more information.